Developed by Yogi Ramesh for total well being.
This workshop is ancient knowledge-5000 years old. It is the art of living and power of breath. It develops the electromagnetic power in the spine and opening the chakras in your body. It will bring mind, body and emotions into harmony with the inner self. The cosmic chants will heal your chronic ailments and make you a new person.
Breath is the most important thing in your life. No breath, no life. We must work constantly to make our breath very strong through deep breathing exercises, retention of breath, and concentration & focusing on keeping the nasal passajes clean at all times. The stronger your breath becomes, the stronger your immune system is and there is less of a chance of becoming sick or diseased.Through proper yoga asanas & breathing you can become healthy, happy and relaxed. You need the right teacher who can teach you the power of the breath. That is what yoga is. Shop around. Yoga is not stretching, stressing & dance moves. Yoga is cleansing the body, breath, and mind of negative energy so you can focus on truth & consciousness. Nothing more, nothing less. One must do sahdna & learn to meditate.
Breathing Is a Master Key to Self Healing
*   1     Abdominal breathing
*   2     Chest breathing
*   3     Shoulder breathing
*   4     Head & Neck breathing
*   5     Nostril breathing
*   6     Mouth breathing
*   7     Chin lock breathing
*   8     Full lock breathing
*   9     Nostril cleansing
* 10     Cleanching teeth & breathing
* 11     Shoulder breathing
* 12     Hip movement breathing
* 13     Side stretch breathing
* 14     Head to toe breathing
* 15     Laughing Yoga for the Hearth & Mind Relaxation
Pranayam Purifies the Prana
Prana of the life energy contains of all the powers of the world. It is the biggest medicine. Pranayam purifies the life energy. It increases the oxygen content in the body. The main reason for diseases is the negative thinking and deficiency of oxygen. Pranayam is the only solution for this. It cures the diseases. The disease arises in the mind of the person, when the person’s thinking becomes negative then it has the direct effect on the respiratory system. The polluted air present inside the body mixes with the blood and causes diseases. Medicines can control diseases like cancer for a limited time but the actual cure can be done only with pranayam. Oxygen is the life energy, which is vital for life. Its deficiency can be fatal. Life is the game of breathes and the life remains balanced with balance of breathes. A person who understands this synchronization of breathes leads to a healthy and disease free life.
Pranayam regulates the movement of breath, it gives peace of mind. When a person keeps Mauna Vrata (does not talk at all) truth gets place into his heart. The body gets full amount of oxygen with the process of pranayam, which increases the resistance power of the body. This process balances all the hormones. When the air is thrown out, several things are also thrown out and when the air is taken in, many things are taken in. The life energy, which is going out and coming in, get transformed with the help of pranayam. It arouses the internal strengh of the person and the whole body becomes reajuvenated. Seven simple steps of pranayam supplies oxygen to the body. Pranayam is the Sanjivini (life saver) for life energy; it gives nutrition to the life energy.
          * Breath more, Love more, Laugh more & Live more.
          * Live a Stress & Diseased Free Life.
          * Do it Now and Be Happy Forever.
          * Time is Here and Now.
Come to Yogi and learn true art of breathing, relaxation, meditation, chanting, laughing. Change yourself to a Happy Divine Life.