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developed by Guru Yogi Ramesh

Some hospitals and medical centers, such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Inter Valley Health Plan in Palm Springs and La Quinta, recommend laughing therapy in addition to patients’ medications and medical procedures. Palm Springs resident and guru Yogi Ramesh Pandey, a Himalayan yoga teacher, has taught the techniques of laughing yoga for more than 45 years and touts the benefits of the practice.
The science of oxygen and Laughter therapy for stress reduction and instant happiness.
1.Laughing yoga and its benefits for happy heart,body and mind.
2.Laughter iss the best medicine for a healthy and happy heart.
3.Laughter is a stress buster medicine.
4.Laughter strengthen the immune system.
5.Laughter is anti aging,anti depression and anxiety.
Laughter may take your death further away{ Geneva research news}.
6Laughter is areobic exercise,internal jogging.
7.Laughter is a natural pain killer.
8.Laughter an control high blood pressure
9.Laughter works as medicine for Cancer prevention.
10.Laughter elleviates bronchits and asthma.
11.Laugh for no reason and be happy all the time.
12.Laughter is very good for mental health,insomina.
13.Take a Laughing pill created by Yogi at night and sleep in peace.
14.Laughing yoga as stress buster for children
15. Laughing Yoga for inner joy and world peace.