Yoga Science of Breath and Laughter for Stress Reduction and Disease

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Yoga is a joy of the soul, Breath, Love and Laugh and be happy always. Life is bliss, enjoy it now. He has done lot of research and work to find inner bliss.
He is the founder of Universal Temple of Yoga and Inner Peace in Paramount, California, 1997. He has appeared on countless television shows. He has starred in a laughing yoga show for the last 15 years in Los Angles.
He is an internal celebrity Guru to the stars and has taught many doctors and patients.

Yogi’s goal is to create a stress and disease free world by practicing the spiritual science of yoga for a new healthy and happy life.

Energizing your breath is energizing your soul. Yoga means; “union with your consciousness”, so come enjoy the journey of enlightenment.

Be happy, relaxed and enjoy!

Angie’s Story – The Laughing Yogi

Veteran Angela Peacock visits the Laughing Yogi. See more of this story at

Laughing yoga as medicine in San Jose, CA



Laughing yoga at Senior Center in Norwalk, CA

Spiritual Master, Yoga Guru Yogi Ramesh, believes that laughter is the best medicine. Through his newest 30-minute DVD, “Laughing & Chair Yoga,” Yogi demonstrates that laughing and breathing exercises can help benefit shortness of breath, asthma, smoking damage, sinus problems, colds, flu, emphysema, bronchitis, allergies, fatigue, etc.
While he is talking, we are treated to beautiful views of the Hawaiian Islands in the background that serve to reinforce relaxation. The second half of the DVD features chair yoga and breathing demonstrations which I found easy to follow. Benefits help the heart, body and mind, and only take a few minutes, the Yogi way. Enthusiastic testimonials from each of the Universal Yoga students at the Norwalk Senior Center make it clear that the exercises really do work.
I recommend this DVD (and all of Yogi’s DVDs) for anyone who really wants a simple and proven method to feel great with natural, healthy benefits. You will laugh yourself healthy! With his DVD and others he has created, Yogi makes yoga easy, affordable and available.
The DVD is available from his website for $12.95 including tax and shipping. Visit the “Yoga Store” at or call (877) 367-9642

Yoga Classes for Seniors and Everyone
“Yoga Healthcare for America” is his slogan and quest for the millennium. Yogi Ramesh teaches classes for seniors in Palm Springs, CA. and Emphasis is on spirituality and health for heart disease, cancer control and life extension.
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis